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About us

25 years ago, when the first electronic regulation systems got used in cooling systems by innovative refrigeration specialists, remote service only played a minor role. Sometimes, it was simply laughed at.

As time went by, regulating systems got established on the market, as they came along with some amenities. Systems were monitored 24 hours a day by refrigeration specialists via modem connection. At that time, advantages could mostly be seen by the refrigeration specialists themselves.

Today, cooling systems do only get installed with electronic regulating systems. The modern systems can do much more than “simply” regulate the temperature of a cooling system. Functions for enhancing the energy efficiency of cooling units are mandatory, as well as intelligent lighting control. Top systems even allow for the control and regulation of all building engineering systems of a market. Those are: Heating, ventilation, cooling and airing units, lighting and existing heat recovery systems and energy production plants.

Our company introduces itself

Simple controlling of a cooling unit has turned into multifunctional controlling. This is the only way to run modern cooling units with high efficiency, using the given potential for preferably little energy use. By now, the majority of these advantages lies with the operator of the market. Using all efficiency potentials guarantees for low energy use while assuring high quality of goods and a feel-good climate in the market.

Controlling and remote-control of these complex regulation systems needs specialists who constantly assure the reliable running of all units. No questioning that a simple SMS send to the mobile phone of a cooling technician – as was the custom at the beginning of this era – is no longer “up to date”.

Today, only service providers with specialised qualified personnel can offer the needed, extensive service – this is our specialist area.

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