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Remote servicefor tightly controlled refrigeration and energy systems

Innovative solution to relieve employee workload and customer loyalty.

Use our remote service for safe, energy-optimized operation of your systems!

Digitization, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Smart Home - these are terms that are ubiquitous and that arouse certain expectations of the "happy new days" in us.

These techniques have already found their way into many areas. Controls and regulators are digitized, work reliably and deliver operating and measurement data in abundance. One should actually think that this technology has also changed the reality of the work of a system operator, a Service Technician, in the long term.
Yes, the reality of work has changed. Where the system operator was able to intervene a few years ago, for example to influence the control, today there is often only one Display. So the operator has to call on the help of a service technician - this is particularly expensive on weekends or at night.

A few years ago, the service technician was only contacted in the standby and emergency service when it was absolutely necessary to be on site at the system. Today, he is often "disturbed" directly by messages from the digital control technology in his spare time or at night, only to then discover that the cause of the error message is no longer present.

In the two examples described, when the operator or service technician takes the position, the following questions arise: "Is this new, beautiful time really better?" Or: "When will the relief promised with digitization actually arrive?"

In a nutshell, the following can be asked: does a plant operator (store manager) have to go to the plant on site outside of business hours in the event of a fault?

Does a service technician still have to be disturbed at the weekend or at night for "unimportant" disturbances in his free time?

NO - if the possibilities of digital technology are used optimally and not stuck to habits. Again and again it can be seen that the possibilities of Digital technology are not used or only hesitantly. Change that now!

Good reasons for our Remote service

matserv GmbH shows that things can be done differently, better, more humane, more humane and reliable. We are a certified service provider according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 for the scope of remote service.

And this is how it works: The Monitored control technology transfers malfunctions, Operating and status messages and measured values to the Data Center. In the software specially developed for remote service, the MMS PILOT, the incoming faults are displayed in plain text.

Our qualified Employees process the faults and establish a connection to the system via Remote access in order to analyze the cause and initiate measures to eliminate the cause of the fault. Over 80% of all malfunctions are eliminated exclusively by means of remote access - the system operator and / or the service technician are not disturbed in their free time.

The employees document every work step - remote service becomes transparent and is no longer a "black box".

Measured value monitoring around the clock

With Measured Value Monitoring, we provide all customers in the WEB portal with evidence of an Uninterrupted cold chain in accordance with HACCP. The store staff is freed from this task and has more time for customer care. Another advantage of our remote service: Energy monitoring, measured values and parameters from all controls in a building or a system can be displayed and evaluated together in a single Portal, regardless of the control system.

Our highly qualified employees competently and reliably monitor the connected systems nationwide, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Through internal and external training courses, the employees continue to develop and master over fourteen different control systems.

Real specialists with a lot of know-how sit at the computers and support the system operators and service technicians on site, even with particularly tricky problems.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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