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monitoring via a single web portalin Castrop-Rauxel and nationwide

We keep an eye on all the important data of your system at all times!

Benefit from innovative technology for your cooling systems!

With seamless monitoring, we offer all options to quickly and easily call up measured values from the various regulation and control systems via a Web portal in a uniform view.

In this way, our customers can not only meet the requirements of the HACCP regulation (proof of an uninterrupted cold chain) without any problems, but also evaluate Energy Consumption values in a property, Analyze Operational and Status Reports from technical building systems and compare the measurement data from different properties with different control systems.

In addition, our customers have 24/7 access to the HACCP Database via our Webportal. Functional and password-protected access is possible from anywhere in the world - the only requirement is Internet access. Of course, access with a smartphone or PDA is also no problem. In this case the Windows operating system is required.

Advantages of Monitoring

The decisive advantages of monitoring: The Recording and Archiving of measured values, operational and status messages gives the opportunity to evaluate the efficiency and functionality of the systems. A key aspect here is the sustainable and Cost-Effective Operation of the system. The Long-term observations and Evaluations made possible by archiving map the life cycle of a plant, provide support at an early stage in the detection of Weak points and secure your Investment planning.

Our services - temperature and energy monitoring

We offer the following solutions:

Temperature monitoring
With the introduction of the HACCP Regulation, the legislator clearly regulated the quality assurance of chilled goods. This provides for maintaining a seamless cold chain as the top priority. Operators of cooling systems are therefore obliged to provide evidence. Thanks to our automated temperature recording, documentation and archiving, the legal requirements are met.

Energy monitoring
Our customers can call up the daily evaluations of the Energy flows such as electricity, gas, water and heating at any time via a web portal. The information is presented in the form of graphics and reports.

In the search for particularly conspicuous energy consumption, these can be identified by the precise allocation of the times. Energy consumption, which is usually associated with high costs, can now be eliminated.

We work with technologies that allow us to continuously record energy flows using remotely readable meters. Our employees can carry out Detailed analyzes of the Energy flows every minute if required. Normally we carry out the evaluations every 15 minutes.

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